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We all have so much to balance - family, marriage, motherhood, home, career. These stories share ideas and life hacks to help you set priorities on your most hectic days, have fun, and live a life of satisfaction and abundance.
Are We Almost There Yet?

August 25, 2020

Every summer when I was a kid, we’d all pile into the back of the station wagon to make the two-day, endless, no end in sight, drive to Hilton Head Island. There were no seat belts. There was no technology. There were no snacks (because back in the day there was no kitchen in the […]

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The Humanity of Holiness

August 11, 2020

Every now and then, we have an exchange with a friend that never quite leaves us. We can remember, even years later, exactly what was said, how we felt, and what was revealed during the conversation. I had one of those unforgettable conversations nine years ago. In the days after I became a missionary, I […]

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Two Simple Ways To Overcome Your Impossible Obstacles

August 4, 2020

Today is the memorial of Saint John Vianney, and I only had to read one line about the character of this saintly priest to become utterly and completely hooked:  “A man with vision overcomes obstacles and performs deeds that seem impossible.”[1] Personally? This is precisely both how I would most like to be remembered and […]

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Getting Naked in the Garden

July 28, 2020

There is one woman who knows what it's like to live completely free from worry. The book of Genesis tells us Eve was made by God and in His image and likeness. Genesis 2:25 says, “The man and the woman were both naked, and were not ashamed.” I’m not sure about you, but just picturing […]

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God is Faithful: Don’t Be Weighed By Worry

July 21, 2020

This post originally appeared on our blog on March 1, 2015. As I carried the overflowing laundry basket up the stairs, it occurred to me that its weight felt nothing like the heaviness that was sitting on my heart. I had been reading about world news this morning, and article after article brought me to […]

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The Importance of Finding Humor in Suffering

July 14, 2020

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. The year was 1991. I was sporting my fabulous color block blazer from Express, paired with black stirrup leggings, and authentic cowboy boots. Can you say fashionista? I was seated on the couch across from my therapist. I don’t recall the story I was sharing, but apparently, […]

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Strength Comes from Getting Honest with God

July 6, 2020

I recently read a meme on the internet that said, “Gonna ask my mom if that offer to slap me into next year is still on the table,” and all I could think was, Can I get an Amen? 2021, we are ready for you.   Three months ago, I thought for sure that by now […]

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Why Do I Always Have To Go First?

June 23, 2020

My confessor admitted to a common theme he’s hearing among COVID-19-related confessions: no more patience. I think Mother Angelica hit the nail on the head when she said, “We’d all be perfect if it weren’t for people.” Quarantining with the same people, day after day, will certainly challenge one's holiness, don’t you agree? But here’s […]

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Pray for Big Things, Act on Little Things; It Makes a Difference

June 9, 2020

I am an Audible junkie. Seriously, my favorite day of the month is the 20th, when my Audible subscription renews and I can dive into the life of a different historical figure whose story is often stranger than fiction. Last month, in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, I decided to listen to the biography […]

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The Cure That We Crave

June 2, 2020

If quarantine has taught me anything, it’s that there’s no escape. The quick and temporary cure to suffering that the world had so generously offered me in the past (yes, I am talking to you, TJ Maxx) is no longer an option. I have had to learn how to sit in the undesirable a few […]

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