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Fearless and Free e-Book

Thank you for purchasing our Bible study, Fearless and Free. As you wait for your printed study guide to arrive, we thought you might like to be among the first to try the new Fearless and Free e-book (you'll still receive your printed study guide once it's in our fulfillment center).
Please download the e-book before April 8 (it will be unavailable after that date). We ask that you not share this page with others, as the offer is only for customers who have purchased and are awaiting a printed study guide.
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What is an e-book?
An e-book is a digital version of a book. It can be read on electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, e-readers, or computers. e-Books are designed for use on electronic devices only and cannot be printed. e-Books require an e-book reader (or e-reader) in order to be opened and read. An e-book reader may come standard on your device or may need to be added to your device via a free download or free app.
Does the format matter?
When you buy an e-book, it is important to choose the format you want to use. Walking with Purpose only offers e-books as epub files. Most e-book readers, other than Amazon Kindle, can open an epub format.
How do I open my e-book?
1. Download the e-book

Click the button above to download the file to your preferred device.

2. Open the file in your preferred e-reader

On most phones and tablets, select the downloaded file and it will open automatically in your device's default e-book reader (for example, Books on an iPhone or iPad). If your e-book does not open automatically on your device, you will need to select an e-book reader app and download it onto your device.

On a computer, click to open the file and select what program you would like to use to read it. Choose the e-book reader installed on your computer. If you don't have an e-book reader installed on your computer, you will need to download an e-book reader for your computer in order to open and read the e-book.
How do I make the most of my Bible study in an e-book format?
1. Use the Notes feature in your e-reader.

In order to experience real transformation, we encourage you to engage with the content of our Bible studies—reading and journaling your answers to the questions. Use the Notes feature of your e-reader to answer questions and make notes in your study guide.

2. Highlight words and sentences for quick reference.

Does something resonate with you? A particular Bible verse convict your heart? Use the Highlight feature of your e-reader to mark the passage so you can quickly find it later.

3. Journal outside your study guide.

You might find it helpful to use a journal alongside your e-book Bible study. Any notebook will do! Use a journal to take notes, record thoughts, list prayer requests, or simply to write about how God is speaking to you through the study.

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