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Your Journey of Transformation - Walking With Purpose
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Bible Studies
The Latest

Journey of transformation

Our seasons of Bible study should be producing change in us. How is God calling you to experience your journey? How do you wish to grow through a WWP Bible study? Read on for help choosing the right study for you.

I want to discover a personal relationship with Jesus.

God willing, those who choose Opening Your Heart will discover a personal relationship with Jesus at the heart level and an increase in trust in His unconditional love. For women who are not at the married-with-children phase of life, try the Opening Your Heart Young Adult Series.

I want to know my true worth and purpose.

Those who experience the WWP Bible study Living in the Father’s Love should discover their true worth and purpose while growing in ability to see their lives from God’s perspective.

I need a fresh anointing of faith.

Those who finish Touching the Divine should receive a fresh anointing of faith as they come to know Jesus more fully through the Gospel of John.

I need a release of pressure and insight into what really matters.

Those who go through Keeping in Balance should experience a release of pressure and an increase of insight into what really matters in life. Younger women might prefer the Keeping in Balance Young Adult Series.

I'd like help dealing with unwanted circumstances.

Those who do Discovering our Dignity should finish well-armed to deal with unwanted circumstances
and deferred hopes.

I'd like greater victory in my personal life.

Those who finish Beholding His Glory should experience greater victory in their personal lives as they recognize the greatness and power of God.

I need to increase my trust in God.

Those who experience Beholding Your King should receive an increase of trust in God as they see His plan and attention to detail unfold throughout biblical history.

I'd like to grow in grit and grace.

Emerge from the pages of Grounded in Hope and you'll experience a growth in grit and grace to help you run your race.

I need to experience freedom and healing.

Those who complete Fearless and Free should emerge from the experience with a life-changing depth of freedom and healing.

Your story is not over. God is still writing it; the ink is wet on the page. Journey with WWP and invite God to speak to you—His beloved daughter—from His Word.


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