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Kristy Malik is a writer and speaker who would love to share her heart with women of any age at your conference or event. Speaking on topics from healing and hope to evangelizing outside church walls, Kristy will provide engaging, authentic, Catholic content to help make your next event a success. 

Kristy is a cradle Catholic who experienced a conversion of heart once encountering Walking with Purpose in 2011. She jumped in with both feet, starting a WWP program at her parish and then becoming a regional area coordinator a few years later. She is now a blogger and content creator for the ministry. You may have seen her leading live Bible studies on Instagram and Facebook or on the YouTube series "Truth with Handles: The Conversation." She has spoken at various parishes in the Washington, DC, area where she lives, and she was featured on the Embrace: Catholic Moms Conference in 2021. 

She and her husband live in the country with their five children, ages preschool to high school. Her hope is that every woman can experience God's healing love and redemption—and fully embrace the amazing plan He has for your life.  

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We have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable with God. When we say we don’t want to talk about it, we are not allowing God into our pain in order to heal it. He doesn’t force His way in.
No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you that makes you feel like you are not enough—it’s a lie. God wants to turn the very thing that brings you trouble into a door of hope.
We don’t have to have it all together. We don’t have to be Scripture scholars. In fact, sharing the light of salvation is actually MORE effective and attributed to God if we aren’t.
Strengths do not connect you to other people! It's sharing our weaknesses that enables us to have authentic human connection.

Speaking Topics

Door of Hope

God desires healing and restoration for all of us. Wherever life has taken you, no matter the choices you have made or what burdens are on your heart, you are never disqualified from God’s healing grace.

In Scripture, God promises a door of hope to all who are in need. Learn how to recognize this opportunity for restoration and embrace the life God desires for you as Kristy shares her personal journey of healing.

Treasure bearers—Evangelizing outside the walls

Family, friends, spouses, children: we long for those we love to encounter the Lord in a deep way. But how? Kristy shows you how your Walking with Purpose small group and Bible study have equipped you to effectively evangelize those outside the church walls.

The power of community

Perfect for your kickoff or send-off, Kristy will share how the gospel message is intended to flourish within the context of community. Women will leave feeling ready to be the apostles they were meant to be.

What makes a “good” Lent?

The season of Lent is a gift, and the Scriptural roots are many. Walk away with a new perspective on how your heart can be transformed during this penitential season.

Getting Comfortable in the Stable

It was through the nativity story that God changed the world, but the circumstances and events surrounding it were anything but neat and tidy. In a similar way, God can change our hearts through events that are less than ideal. In this talk, you will learn from the story of Mary and Josephtheir circumstances and their surrenderhow to allow God into your "stable," no matter how messy and undesirable it may seem. Kristy uses personal examples and dashes of humor to help you learn how to allow Emmanuel  ("God with us") to draw close as you prepare for His birth at Christmas. 

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