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The Little Flower Circle

Join the Walking with Purpose community of monthly donors
The Little Flower Circle is a group of generous, committed individuals who have invested in helping the women and girls of our nation encounter Jesus Christ through our Bible studies. Through their ongoing monthly support of our ministry, Little Flower Circle members enable Walking with Purpose to expand to new locations and generations and reach more of our sisters in Christ each year. We invite you to join them.

Why become a member of The Little Flower Circle?

  1. It's affordable. By giving monthly, you invest what makes sense for you and make an incredible impact over the course of the year.
  2. It's a community. Becoming a member allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making an ongoing commitment to transforming the lives of women and girls.
  3. It's sustained support. Monthly gifts enable Walking with Purpose to avoid peaks and valleys of revenue, ensuring that we can spend more time developing new materials for women and girls and training volunteers to disciple hearts—and less on fundraising.

Where Does the Money Go?

We use Little Flower Circle donations for key Walking with Purpose initiatives. Our current focus is on expanding our parish-based Bible study program and our ministry to middle school girls. Thanks to the generous contributions of our Little Flower Circle members, we can invest the resources necessary to find, engage, and mentor new volunteer leaders with a heart for discipleship.

  • I have been involved with WWP for over eight years and have helped lead a small group in a WWP parish program. The mission of WWP to help women open their hearts to Jesus Christ through scripture is such an important one, and I’ve seen lives changed by the studies and small group discussion. I want to continue to support the ministry’s mission so it continues to grow in parishes everywhere.

    Marsha, St. Therese Society member since 2013
  • It is an honor to join all the St. Therese Society members in support of Walking with Purpose. It is a blessing to know that our contributions help, in some small way, to bring joy to the next woman entering her parish in search of that “one thing”—to bring God a little closer, to make her life a little brighter, and to encourage her to hold her hand out in faith to others.

    Lisa, St. Therese Society member since 2013
  • WWP is an essential part of my spiritual journey. It has not only helped me, but I have witnessed how it has inspired hundreds of women grow closer to Christ. By supporting WWP monthly, I'm simply putting my money where my heart is.

    Glorybell - Little Flower Circle member since 2019
  • I support WWP with a monthly gift because the impact that Walking with Purpose has had on my life has been so significant. The Lord has gently taken me by the hand and led me to healing and wholeness. I feel like there is no limit to what the Lord can do through this ministry.

    Sibylle - Little Flower Circle member since 2019
  • I love supporting WWP because not only has WWP changed my life, but the lives of women all around me. Our world, and our Church, is in desperate need of women who will walk by faith, and WWP helps women to do just that.

    Karen - Little Flower Circle member since 2017

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